Electronic dance music has been around as a piece of go-to music for parties and raves for quite some time now. It has also been absorbed by a lot of recent popular songs to make it more enjoyable. DJs are the chefs who experiment with different tracks, mix and match them to produce a perfectly blended smooth EDM track. EDM has been around since the 1980s; it gradually gained traction as producers started incorporation EDM in their music.

The genres under EDM are as follows:


It all began when DJs started taking Disco songs and altered them to have deeper basslines and mechanical beats. House music has always been popular from the time it started. Additional percussion beats are a must when it comes to house music.

Garage music

Garage music

This genre of music was named after the very important New York club Paradise Garage. It started as remixes of disco records that were extended and eventually established its style. Garage music is influenced by a Gospel approach to piano riffs added to female vocals.


Techno mainly focuses on the details of all the elements over the melody itself. In the beginning, Techno arose from the blending of different African American styles like Electro, electric jazz, funk etc.


The state of trance means hypnotised and higher consciousness. Trance music listeners claim that they feel euphoric when they listen to this composite layer of music. It is also described as a combination of Disco and psychedelia.

Glitch Hop

Glitch Hop

As the name suggests this genre of EDM is considered the unique one out of all. The main kinds of sounds in this included electric hum, digital distortion, CD skipping, Software bugs and more. Later on, other music like jazz and soul were incorporated to make it softer.


This genre is a prevalent one of the EDM genres. London’s lower-class urban youth used this genre as a form of cultural expression. The jungle was not very euphoric compared to the other genres of EDM.  It influenced the idea of unification and multiculturalism.


If you’re looking to relax with some EDM after a long day, then Downtempo is the one you are looking for. Downtempo genre is known to incorporate softer melodies that comforts you. It is also known as “headphone” friendly EDM. With the world going so fast, there’s nothing more relaxing than some ambient, downtempo music.



One genre of music that people who aren’t EDM lovers can enjoy as well as Moombahton. It is funky and is a perfect recipe for a successful groove. This genre of music was the most creatively invented of all the EDM genres. Moombahton is a combination of Moombah (it is a track by DJ Chuckie) and Reggaeton.