Dance-pop music as the name suggests is for dancing. It is usually played at nightclubs, and it is also said to fit right when it comes to contemporary hit radio. It is a combination of Dance and Pop and emerged in the 1980s. It is also known as an extension of Disco. Dance-pop music is the kind where the producer is the artistic mind behind the whole production. They write the lyrics, find apt beats and find a vocalist to sing and piece it all together to for one masterpiece. Dance-pop music is said to be more about the image rather than the substance.

The difference between Dance-pop and other Disco genres is that it had more tempo, and one can find more energy to dance while listening to a dance-pop number. Dance-pop is meant for clubs or places that have a danceable vibe or opportunity because one cannot just sit still listening to dance-pop. The pop-based structure is usually straightforward, and the songs are catchy to listen to. The beats and grooves always a powerful emphasis. The lyrics are very simple, and the hooks are prominent in the songs. As mentioned, since the artist is the producer itself, the song is polished to perfection.

How Dance-pop gained traction

One such example is the viral song ‘turn down for what’ by DJ Snake and Lil Jon, it is a very trippy and addictive song, it was produced years ago and is still played in many parties. The upbeat and fast-paced nature of the music makes you want to listen to it continuously to stay in that state of trance. Moving to the beat is one thing we’re all fond of, and if the beat is captivating enough, we don’t want to stop. It is both pleasing for the brain as well as the ears and to be in such synchronization is not something we can do very often.

Dance-pop music can stimulate specific areas of our brain that helps us live in the moment and have fun. It can activate the areas of our brain that shows that we are enjoying something that we do along with the synchronizing tunes.

When we dance according to the music and freestyle as we listen to music, we are improving our sense of coordination and rhythm whilst having fun. Dance and music go hand in hand, and a music genre specially created for dance is the icing on the cake. The fact that artists can release their work back to back. Technology has enabled many people to get an opportunity to create. This helps the generation listen to many varieties of the same genre by different artists and experiment on their own too, and hence Dance-pop has gained the attention it deserves.