Disco Hits

When we hear the word disco, we picture a party in our minds and what is a party without its music? When there is music, there is dancing. A disco can be described as a genre that contains elements of salsa, soul, pop and funk. The loudness and how one could dance freely to the sound of disco is one of the reasons for it to become so popular. The genre also has a cultural significance as it had many minorities, making it big in the industry and left a huge impact. There are numerous well-known artists, and some of these songs have been popular, and one could even say that they’re timeless.

Live and More

This particular Disco album was by Donna Summer as known as Queen of Disco. ‘Live and More’ was the first one recorded by her. Donna did justice to her given title by releasing more albums and top the charts for decades together. The US Billboard Hot 100 had spots for all the 32 hit songs she produced. Donna is known for her perfect and flawless pitch and her sensational voice.

Rock with you

Rock with you

A song that can get anybody dancing is the ‘Rock with you’ by Michael Jackson, the king of pop himself. The music is catchy and puts one into the party mode anytime. It is a perfect blend of a party and soulful lyrics. The song spent about four weeks on the top of the charts. It is still listened to fondly by people all over the world.

I will survive

A very empowering song by Gloria Gaynor that you can still listen to and be motivated to get back up from whatever you’re going through. It is a song that describes how one would survive and tread through life after a horrible break up. A piece that can also be a potent form of empowering women. An evergreen song you would want to listen to, raise your chin and dance and live for yourself.

Let’s Groove

The name itself suggests what the song is about and listening to this song by the band ‘Earth, Wind and Fire’ gives one sense of excitement, it puts one in a trance where you can forget whatever is happening and just groove. This song was released at the time when disco music received a lot of backlashes, but the band decided to put it out anyway to revive the art. One must appreciate the courage and dedication of the crew to have taken such a big step to have done what they did.

Too much heaven

A song that was performed as a contribution to UNICEF fund by the band ‘Bees Gees’ is quite gratifying in its way. The recording of this song took them a lot of time as it included 27 vocal tracks. A generous donation through art deserves to be applauded.