dance music

It is widely understood that Electronic Dance Music, also known as EDM, has a majority of youth fanbase. Even though they say that age is just a number and there are people from the older generation who enjoy EDM too. This fan crowd comprises mostly of Millennials below 25. What is it about this music that interests this generation? It is said that music is timeless, all ages listen to music, but specific genres tend to impress one set more than the other.

DJs that produce EDM music are considered the rock stars of this generation they make the listeners feel what the older generation felt at live music concerts. They have their lavish lifestyles and are adored by thousands and millions from the current generation. They do live the rock star life.


Keeping in mind the stereotypes associated with the EDM listeners or for that matter, any music, should they even be categorised under one type? Is it right to judge a person and their behaviour based on their choice of music? EDM doesn’t have to be a guilty pleasure just because the society associates it with certain stereotypes. The millennials seem to like EDM so much as they can finally feel like something belongs to their generation and claim bragging rights over it.

Which brings us to the point of how the current younger generation is termed as the “rave generation”, the ones that like to party and stay out till 4 am. EDM music is usually played is all parties and even college campuses during fests and significant events. The music blaring through the speakers is just a boost to everyone to stay energetic and at the moment, the music so loud that you can’t even hear your thoughts. But are such labels necessary? We need to remember that EDM is another genre of music that is here to entertain and to help us lose ourselves in the world of music.

The reason for this generation to be more fascinated by EDM is that they do not want to stick to a particular melody or tone for too long, they like surprises, and the sudden shifts, the sudden drops and zest in the music gives them a sudden boost of energy.

EDM music

EDM music is a very special and unique genre and should be valued as much as the other genres are. As we see change everywhere and accept it, we must do the same with music as well. There is so much more to be discovered in music, and EDM is just one of them. EDM deserves all the hype that it gets as it has brought out so many talented artists who have inspired millions.